SOLD - Bringing Home The Dinner


#58 Bringing Home The Dinner

This imaginary painting is of an Anegada fisherman bringing home the family meal, in which he is proud to inlude a fine Red Snapper caught on the nearby Horseshoe Reef. He and several relatives built the Tortola Sloop which they share, made from white cedar garnered from Tortola's rainforest at certain phases of the moon.

The fisherman's older children attend the Anegada School and plan to move to New York as soon as possible to become lawyers and accountants as so many BVI islanders have done. Meanwhile they look after the garden plots, planted with Taro and other ground provisions, while the girls help their mother with housework, cooking, child minding, and the laundry - which can be seen blowing in the breeze, available here at 15 feet as this is one of the highest pieces of land on Anegada.