Brown Booby Flying Over the Tobagos



Sula leucogaster

This pelagic bird is around 30 inches long and can be seen riding the air currants as it looks for fish in deep waters, usually flying alone as seen here between Jost van Dyke and Tortola. It has a dark brown back and head and neck, a snowy breast, and the bill and feet are yellow. It feeds with spectacular dives into the sea for squid and fish from various heights up to 50 feetThe dive may reach just below the surface, or to as much as 6 feet deep. Flying fish are the Booby’s favorite food.

Boobies land on deserted beaches to nest on flat ground, usually in full sunshine, making a mound of branches, bones, grass, human-generated trash, or other items. They nest in colonies, laying 1 to 3 eggs of pale blue-green. Like the Roseate Tern, the Booby’s favorite habitat in the BVI is on Cockroach Cay.

Red footed Boobies and Blue Faced Boobies have also been observed in the Virgin Islands. 

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