Pretty In Pink, The Flamingoes Are Back



The roseate flamingos were successfully reintroduced to Anegada’s four salt ponds in 1992, the Red Pond, Bumber Well, and the Flamingo Pond, after an absence of over forty years. They are protected and since then have spread to other islands in the BVI. A group of these large birds, the adults standing at around 5 foot tall, is known as a Flamboyance of Flamingos, or, less romantically, as a Pat. They live up to 40 years and usually mate for life. They build their nests on the ground of mud and straw, and take turns in incubating their one or two eggs, and in raising their young which are a fluffy white when hatched, turning to gray.

The roseate coloring of adult Caribbean Flamingos is due to their diet which is mostly brine shrimp containing carotene. They also eat water bugs, small sea creatures and fish. They are very noisy birds, honking, growling and grunting, and they use several different visual displays as well.

Now that the pirates are no longer here to eat them, we hope the Flamingos will color our lives with their presence for many years to come. 

includes off white mat 16" x 18" and certificate of authenticity