Frigate Birds Flirting Over Green Cay"



Fregata magnificent  aka Man o’ War Bird, Weather Bird

This rightly named magnificent bird has a wing span of up to 7 foot and stands 38 to 41 inches tall. The male is black with glossy green and purple feathers on its back, a bluish bill, black feet, and a red throat pouch which inflates dramatically like a balloon in mating season, when they make harsh gurgling sounds. The female is black with gleaming white breast and forehead.

The Frigate Birds can spend days in the air, sleeping in flight and are usually seen soaring high over the sea near the shore. They feed by swooping down on fish and offal picked from the surface of the sea or stolen from other birds, which they chase and harass until they drop their prey.

A common resident of the BVI, the Frigates nest in colonies on rough platforms they make of sticks set in low shrubs, where they lay one white egg.

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