Happy Pelican Couple


JT090     Happy Pelican Couple

This painting shows the beautiful channel between North Eastern Tortola and Guana Island, where I once saw a pod of Black Fish, a kind of small whale, and I decided it was the perfect place to put a mating couple of Brown Pelicans. In my mind as I painted I saw them earnestly discussing whether the spindly tree in the foreground would be strong enough to take the weight of the eventual family of four or five if they used it as a lookout post. The actual nest would be built on the beach in a smooth area where it would be at least partially hidden by grass and rocks. The male in the painting is stealing a glance at his mate’s flat skin-covered feet while he considers whether they would be large enough to keep their eggs warm until they hatched.

include off white mat 16" x 18" and certificate of authenticity