SOLD Stormy sunset at Towers, West End


#69 Stormy sunset at Towers, West End

West End has always felt somewhat mysterious to me, it is so heavy with history, and this is what I wanted to convey in this painting, when the feeling is accentuated once the sun slides behind St Thomas, or Jost van Dyke according to the season. I have found artefacts of a pre-Columbian village in the area before the bridge, Soper's Hole was where the Spanish burned the ships of the Dutch settlers in 1625, and many a pirate filled his water casks at Freshwater Pond. One magical night I actually saw a moonbow there, soft greys and pale golds instead of a rainbow's many colours. The hills on the Tortola side known as The Towers are of volcanic origin, and one never knows...though I suppose someone measures them from time to time to make certain there is no sign of activity.