The Cherry Ghut Corner of Sea Cows Bay


The Cherry Ghut Corner of Sea Cow's Bay

 Limited Edition Giclee Print By Jill Tattersall 8" x 12"

Sea Cows Bay was an isolated community when we came to the BVI, connected to Road Town and West End only by paths and tracks. Salt was gathered there in the early spring, fishermen came and went with their fish pots and seine nets, using rocks as anchors and home-made ropes. The well was the gathering place for people and animals, and when the tiny bar was opened it was no doubt greeted with delight. In this painting it is the centre of activity. The woman by the shore is bringing her baked goods to sell to the patrons while her son is attracted by a crab. The nearest man on a donkey carries his tool in a bucket: a machete to cut donkey food from the bush, perhaps a hammer and chisel to carry out repairs.